Well Drilling

We drill 6", 8" and 10" wells.

Drews and Koeppel Well Drilling has brought the 1st Dual Rotary drill rig to North Central Wisconsin for residential wells. This new system penetrates sand and gravel formations while allowing us to drill through rocks and boulders with relative ease. With this system, a studded show is welded the 1st (bottom) piece of casing. This studded drive shoe can turn the pipe into a drill bit. A casing rotator turns the entire well, while applying downward force to advance the casing while the tophead powers a drill bit inside and just ahead of the casing. Because the well is drilled and cased at the same time, we are able to accurately sample every inch of the material being drilled. When we encounter any water bearing soils, we see it immediately.

High volume and high pressure air coupled with a downhole hammer allow us to complete a job quickly when granite rock is present.

We strive to provide you with a well that will meet or exceed your water supply needs and last a lifetime.

drilling rig
red well drilling truck
volvo drilling truck